Eventide Community Protocols

The Eventide community is the most valuable knowledge resource supporting the Eventide project. It’s more instrumental than any of the documentation, training materials, or samples apps that help people understand and work with the tools and the architecture.

Protecting the integrity of the negotiation of meaning and the valuable relationships that make up the Eventide community is a key responsibility of community principals.

The following guidelines help Eventide community principals protect that integrity, and codify the standards that community members are held to.

No Anonymity

Community members are expected to represent themselves in Eventide online media to the fullest extent possible of authenticity. Obfuscation of real identity is strictly proscribed. Community members are expected to use their real names in all media and communications. In media that have graphic avatars, community members are expected to use real photos of themselves. Exceptions are made in cases where a member’s safety is legitimately jeopardized without anonymity and obfuscation.


Conflict is a necessary element of negotiation of meaning. We hold conflict meaningfully, and as such it is a sacred process of the Eventide community.  Any action that harms the ability to hold meaningful conflict is strictly forbidden. Digressions into personal attacks will be scrutinized strictly for dishonorable conduct, and can lead to a community member being removed from Eventide community communication media as well as in-person gatherings.


Harassment, persecution, predation, duplicity, negotiating in bad faith, or any form of exploitation or harm-profiting will lead to immediate banning from the Eventide community, and removal from all of its communication media.


In the event that a decision is made to remove a member from the Eventide community, the removal will be implemented by the Eventide community principals. When possible and practicable, the community as a whole will be notified of any expulsion of a community member.

Right to Participate

The Eventide Project's community is open to all who want to learn and participate, and who are willing to hold themselves to the Eventide community standards. Eventide community principals reserve the right to remove anyone from the community, its communications media, and in-person gatherings for any reason and at any time.


Judgments will be made by Eventide community principals, and will be made as open and transparent as possible and as practicable per the circumstances and conditions of any transgression or complaint.