Tutorial Materials

These materials are not intended to be used as a self-directed training. They were created by Eventide instructors for use in teaching autonomous service architecture, event sourcing, and the Eventide toolkit.

The Eventide team is converting these materials into a self-directed tutorial. In the mean time, if you wish to use these materials to learn Eventide, they are being made available freely to you.

These materials are not officially-supported. If you choose to try to make your way through the tutorials, remember that they are intended for instructor-led workshops with qualified teachers who are familiar with service-oriented architecture, the Eventide toolkit, and with teaching these.

By accessing and using these materials, you are presumed to acknowledge that they are not officially-supported.

Feel free to ask for help on the Eventide Slack, but keep in mind that Eventide community principals are not in a position to give you the time necessary to pursue the materials as a self-directed training course. We will do what we can to help when we can and to the extent that we can.

The materials consist of three slide decks and one document with instructions for teachers who are leading the training.

The materials

Tutorial Guide
The step-by-step instructor’s guide through the hands-on portion of the workshop

Hands-On Microservices Slides
Companion slide deck that is referenced by the Tutorial Guide

How to Fail at Microservices Slides
Part 1 of the lecture section of the tutorial

Succeeding with Microservices
Part 2 of the lecture section of the tutorial

Instructor-Led Training for Your Team

For more information on instructor-led training and workshops, visit the training section of this site: